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The NEW Range Click Torque Wrench replaces its predecessor with solid, tactile click-torque function, a wide measurement range, user-friendly ergonomics, and shop-quality fit and finish. With 13, high precision S2 tool steel bits and a protective, compact, and weather resistant TPU foldup style case, this tool is a perfect companion for safe, secure repairs in the shop or on the go.

  • Kit includes a click-type ratcheting torque wrench handle, 13 high-precision S2 steel bits, and a protective TPU case with loops to secure the tool.
  • Standard length (25mm) hex bits: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm.
  • Standard length Torx ® bits: T10, T25, T30.
  • Extended length (50mm) bits: 4, 5mm hex; T25 Torx ®.
  • Torque measurement from 2-14Nm, adjustable in 0.17Nm increments, scale displayed in 1Nm increments.
  • Dual-sided window display scale allows easier ambidextrous usability and permits larger, easier to read torque setting numbers.
  • Accurate within +/- 4% for 4,000 cycles.
  • Torque wrench handle features magnetic, 72-tooth ratchet, dual-sided torque setting window, dual-direction torque measurement compatible for right- and left-hand threaded bolts.
  • Plastic-free head and handle.
  • PFAS-free tool roll.
  • Plastic-free, 80% recycled paperboard packaging.
  • Weight of wrench by itself: 148gr*
  • Weight of wrench in tool roll with bits: 278gr*
  • Length of wrench by itself: 144mm.
  • Length of wrench in tool roll: 170mm.



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