Finishline Chill Zone 360ml & 180ml Spray

Finishline Chill Zone

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Chill Zone™

Chill Zone™ is the industry's most advanced rust-busting penetrating lubricant. It works like magic! Before giving up on a frozen crank bolt, a rusted derailleur spring, a seized seat post, or discarding your rusted chain, give Chill Zone™ a shot. Bike parts that typically require replacing can be reconditioned to ride another day. A special refrigerant propellant freezes metal to as low as -50°F/-45°C. This causes contraction of the metal and creates micro-cracks in the corrosion and galvanically fused metal parts. A penetrating release agent then breaks down and flushes out the rust. With Chill Zone™, most seized parts regain full functionality.

 Available in:

454ml spray


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