Flow Ex3 On M Pulse 29" Wheelset
Flow Ex3 On M Pulse 29" Wheelset
Flow Ex3 On M Pulse 29" Wheelset
Flow Ex3 On M Pulse 29" Wheelset
Flow Ex3 On M Pulse 29" Wheelset

Flow Ex3 On M Pulse 29" Wheelset

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The Flow EX3 craves high speeds and the most demanding trails and courses. With a proven pedigree in Enduro World Series and World Cup DH races, this is the most durable, high-performance wheelset available.

The Flow EX3 rim combines the 29mm internal width and durable 6069 aluminum construction of the Flow MK3 with the incredibly strong Tiebeam triple cavity design of the classic Flow EX rim. The result is a rim shape that perfectly balances radial compliance with lateral stiffness and sets the benchmark for durability and impact resistance. The Flow EX3 rim’s Tiebeam inner bridge lets it withstand impacts that would deform most rims to the point of air loss and structural failure. Even if you use a tire insert, huge impacts can cause the sidewall of most rims to fold, causing air loss and eventual failure. But the Tiebeam brace and patented low sidewalls of the Flow EX3 resist this folding, maintaining air pressure and structural integrity better than any other rim.


The M-pulse hubs at the heart of Flow MK4 wheels combine an absolutely bombproof magnetic locking engagement with incredibly smooth rolling. Based on the original innovative Project321 engagement system, the speed and durability of this system is unmatched. Unlike weaker pawl and spring designs, the M-pulse features six pawls with Neodymium magnets that offer virtually no resistance when coasting, but lock the pawl teeth into place far more reliably and consistently than springs.

Each detail of the M-pulse hub was engineered to systematically eliminate weaknesses found in other designs. The 17mm axles are made of 7075 aluminum and roll on Enduro brand bearings, including a double-row freehub bearing tested to be far more durable than two individual separate bearings. The entire hub is also shielded, meaning no bearing seal is visible, offering superior protection for all conditions.

With only 1.66°of rotating required for the M-pulse hub to engage, power is always instantaneous. Multiple tooth engagement provides a greater surface area to distribute load to improve both durability and speed. The angle of the pawls was even optimized to distribute stress away from the rotating bearings. Beyond the strength and speed of engagement, M-pulse hubs feature adjustable preload, allowing a tremendous decrease in drag for less resistance and more speed.

  • Low-profile 30mm internal width optimizes tire shape,traction, and control for 2.3-2.6” tires
  • Durable 6069 aluminum with welded joint and reinforced spoke bed
  • BST Asymmetric design combines Stan’s legendary easy tubeless inflation with a stronger, more balanced wheel build
  • New high-end premium M-Pulse hub with 216 points of engagement (1.66º), magnetic-sprung pawls to reduce drag and improve response, Enduro bearings and external preload adjustment. US-made internals in partnership with Project321
  • Matched wheelsets use traditional J-bend lacing and share a single spoke length for easy serviceability


RIM DEPTH: 17.9mm
SPOKES: Sapim D-Light, 2.0/1.65/2.0
NIPPLES: Sapim Double Square Alloy Black
HUB: M-pulse
DRILLING: 32-hole
RIM MATERIAL: 6069 Aluminum Alloy

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