Ninety Six RC 5000 2022

Ninety Six RC 5000 2022

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Fast, focussed and ready to race or ride all day, the NINETY-SIX RC 5000 melds our proven cross-country racing DNA with modern geometry to provide a cross-country bike that can handle anything a modern race course or epic ride can throw at it with ease. The full carbon CF4 frame is exactly the same as seen on some of the more expensive bikes in the range, but high-value, hardwearing kit such as the remote lockout-equipped RockShox Reba fork, SIDLuxe shock and 12-speed Shimano drivetrain deliver poised performance at an attainable cost. It's the definition of punching above your weight.

The NINETY-SIX is the new and exciting reincarnation of our former World Cup proven XC and marathon machine. It inherits the forward-surging race genes of the old NINETY-SIX and combines it with a new readiness and ability to tackle today’s demanding XC and marathon courses. The carbon fibre frame platform and P-FLEX suspension is the perfect basis for a fun-packed, fast and trail loving short travel full suspension machine that helps define what a modern cross country race bike should be. It's able to take on the rougher than ever world-class race tracks as well as the trail riders who want hyper-speed climbing with the ability to descent like never before. For those that want a cross-country bike for race duties rather than high-speed trail fun, the RC models deliver a short travel punch with a 100 mm fork in the front, super fast rolling tyres and a lighter front brake.

TYRE SIZES 29" 29" 29" 29"
ST SEAT TUBE [MM] 400 440 470 500
TT TOP TUBE [MM] 576 596 619 643
CS CHAIN STAY LENGTH [MM] 435 435 435 435
HTA HEAD TUBE ANGLE [°] 68.5 68.5 68.5 68.5
STA SEAT TUBE ANGLE [°] 76.5 76.5 76 76
HT HEAD TUBE [MM] 95 95 105 115
FL FORK LENGTH [MM] 503 503 503 503
R REACH [MM] 433 453 473 493
S STACK [MM] 585 585 595 604
WB WHEEL BASE [MM] 1126 1146 1169 1193
SH STAND OVER HEIGHT [MM] 730 731 736 738

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