P.3 26" 2023
P.3 26" 2023
P.3 26" 2023
P.3 26" 2023

P.3 26" 2023

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This totally redesigned P.Series gives riders of all sizes a jumping off point to a life on bikes. The lightweight, but tough alloy frame is designed to take all the hits and keep rolling—across all frame and wheel size options. Our approach to these robust bikes centers around delivering a simple, high-quality platform that's versatile for all riders, and packs in category-first features that make a difference to the rider.

SLEEK SIMPLICITY — The latest and greatest levers, adjustment switches, and complex cabling have their place—but not here. For the rider focusing on progression, eliminating every other variable is paramount. Starting with the durable lightweight alloy frame, P.Series stands up to unique demands of a bike that only dirt jump riders know. It’s going to hit the ground. A lot.

SIZED FOR ALL — In such a niche corner of the cycling world, a purpose-built bike like the P.Series used to be available in minimal size options. That’s why we took a step back to design a new range of inclusive sizes. From a 20-inch tire legit dirt jumper to a 27.5-inch category-crossing trail cruiser that can be backflipped.

REIMAGINE YOUR RIDE — Instead of compromising on its heart and soul (flipping and whipping through the air), we expanded its capability. It’s dropper ready, derailleur compatible, and uses adjustable dropouts. You can ride it out your door all the way to the bike park—and make a pitstop to session along the way.

TOUGH TECH — Built with a boost spaced rear end for added stiffness, this burly wheel setup along with tapered headtube, and threaded bottom-bracket make P.Series extremely resilient and easy to maintain. Wrapped in its new 2.1” Kicker tire—but accepting up to a 2.35” trail tire—you’ll find grip and make speed anywhere.

  • Manitou Junit fork, high performance and tunable.
  • Specialized Kicker tires find grip anywhere, street, dirt, or at the skatepark.
  • Lightweight and strong single-speed P.Series wheelset.


      Crank Length 165
      Handlebar Width 750
      Stem Length 35
      Saddle Width 110
      Seatpost Length 200
      Stack 563
      Reach 415
      Head-Tube Length 115
      Head-Tube Angle 68.5
      B-B Height 318
      B-B Drop 22
      Trail 94
      Fork Length (full) 480
      Fork Rake/Offset 37
      Front-Center 668
      Chain-Stay Length 385
      Wheelbase 1052
      Top-Tube Length (horizontal) 598
      Bike Stand-Over Height 691
      Seat-Tube Length 335
      Seat-Tube Angle 72
      Wheel Size 26