Tyrewiz 2.0
Tyrewiz 2.0

Quarq TyreWiz 2.0

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Tires connect your bike to the road or trail. So, it’s no surprise that optimized tire pressure directly enhances your comfort, rolling resistance, and speed. TyreWiz 2.0 is redesigned for accuracy and greater compatibility for differing rim depths to provide precise pressure data in real-time for your best ride. Lightweight and durable, TyreWiz 2.0 utilizes LED lights to indicate when tire pressure is outside of the target range with an alert for low or high tire pressure. Running optimal tire pressure is a crucial factor in maximizing the speed and performance, especially on modern wheels. TyreWiz 2.0 allows you to make decisions affecting rolling resistance, traction, tire wear, and rider comfort. TyreWiz 2.0 also interfaces with the SRAM AXS app to provide personalized tire recommendations. With a universal rim adaptor and multiple valve lengths, the device sits flat on road or MTB rims. With the standard hand pump measuring at only +/-5% accuracy, TyreWiz 2.0 eliminates barriers by taking the guesswork out of tire pressure to make you faster.


  • +/-2% accuracy at a resolution of .1 PSI
  • Waterproof and dust proof (IPX7)
  • Personalized tire recommendations in the AXS smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Inexpensive and widely available CR1632 battery lasts up to 300 hours.
  • Lightweight at 10 grams
  • Adaptable to multiple rim and rim depths using different length valve stems and square or round rubber grommet seals
  • 2-year warranty

Note: Valves Not included

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