Remote Dropper Lever Drop Bar
Remote Dropper Lever Drop Bar
Remote Dropper Lever Drop Bar
Remote Dropper Lever Drop Bar
Remote Dropper Lever Drop Bar

Remote Dropper Lever Drop Bar

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ReMote Drop Bar is a new dropper lever option for gravel bikes, drop bar mountain bikes, road bikes, and any other bike with drop bars. It can be actuated while riding on the hoods or in the drops thanks to refined ergonomics and a longer lever for easier access.

Two 11mm diameter Enduro bearings are used at the pivot point for smooth actuation. This arrangement of bearings adds durability to the design, eliminates play, and allows for a smaller assembly compared to similar dropper levers. The machined clamp is positioned on the outside of the handlebars, which allows for the base to be closer to the bars, creating an assembly with a lower profile than competitors.

  • Smooth Actuation, No Play: The ReMote Drop Bar has two stacked 11mm diameter cartridge bearings at the pivot point. Most dropper levers for drop bar bikes use a bushing instead. Having two bearings makes for smooth, predictable actuation. This stacked arrangement of bearings also has a noticeable benefit: when bearings are positioned like this, there is no side-to-side play in the lever.
  • Smart Ergonomics: The machined clamp is on the opposite side of the assembly from the bearings and lever, which allows the base to be closer to the bars. This creates an assembly with a lower profile and natural ergonomics compared to competitor levers. A clamp opposite of the lever on the assembly also means that the clamp does not interfere with hand placement. A clever pocket was machined into the lever itself. This is where the cable end can be tucked away, hidden from sight and out of reach.
  • Actuate From Two Sides: The ReMote Drop Bar can be actuated while riding on the hoods or in the drops. A longer lever allows for easy hand access from two angles, while machined ergonomics makes it easier to engage the lever. This means that you can reach your brakes while using your ReMote Drop Bar.
  • Complete CNC-machined assembly
  • Made in the USA: Wherever the capabilities exist, Wolf Tooth is committed to domestic manufacturing. From lever to packaging, 65% or more of each ReMote is made in the USA.


  • Compatible with all cable-actuated dropper posts on bikes with drop bars
  • Compatible with drop bar bikes that have 1x or 2x in mechanical or electronic shifting


Weight: 37g
Material: 6061 T6 aluminum with stainless steel hardware
Not Included: Cable and Housing
Made in the USA


The Story

Wolf Tooth was founded to design and manufacture precision cycling products that emphasize function, performance, and reliability to meet the needs of our fellow racers and riders.

We are a group of cyclists in Minneapolis, Minnesota that spend a lot of time talking about bike components. Like most detail-obsessed riders, we're always looking for new products that could make our bikes lighter, faster, more versatile, or more reliable. We pride ourselves on delivering premium products of the highest quality.

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