Resolve Dropper Post
Resolve Dropper Post
Resolve Dropper Post
Resolve Dropper Post
Resolve Dropper Post

Resolve Dropper Post

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The Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post is the first dropper post to use a self-bleeding cartridge. It has the shortest stack height of any dropper post on the market, has a short insertion depth, is one of the lightest dropper posts, and is completely serviceable at home via the Wolf Tooth Right to Repair program.


At the heart of Resolve Dropper Post is a self-bleeding cartridge that removes air from the fluid chamber with every actuation. All dropper posts can get air in the chamber, which leads to sag and squish. The Resolve Dropper Post is the only dropper post that purges air from the chamber, which means you’ll never need to buy a new cartridge as you do with all other dropper posts.



The shortest stack height of any dropper post means that Resolve can get your saddle lower than any other dropper post. The lower your saddle, the more room you have to maneuver your bike on drops and techy descents.




Resolve Dropper Post is one of the most lightweight dropper posts on the market when it comes to grams per millimeter of travel. It’s as much as 26% lighter than other dropper posts of the same travel and size.


When a dropper post has a short insertion length, longer travel options are unlocked for more bikes. A short insertion length is vital for smaller bikes, frames with curved seat tubes, and frames with seat tubes that have bottle bosses.


"The Resolve is an excellent addition to the dropper post market, with best-in-class numbers when it comes to weight and overall length. The short stack height and insertion depth mean that more riders will be able to reap the benefits of a longer travel dropper post, and the fact that it's fully user-serviceable makes it even better."

- pinkbike


  • Smooth and refined operation: Resolve has a smooth and refined actuation every time you need it
  • Beautifully CNC Macined: We love CNC machined components here at Wolf Tooth and the Resolve stands as a perfect example. Even the parts you can't see are machined to a jewel-like finish.
  • Patent-Pending Air External Filter: Our external air filter prevents contaminats from entering the chamber, so your resolve dropper can perform with smooth precision every time you need it.
  • Reliable 2-Bolt Saddle Clamp: Compatible with round and oval rails, our reliable clamp design enables the lowest stack of any option on the market.


  • Compatible with bike frames that use 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameter seatposts with internal cable routing for dropper posts.
  • A 31.6mm diameter post with a seatpost shim can be used for bike frames that use 34.9mm diameter seatposts. Shims are NOT included with the seatpost.
  • The minimum insertion depth is clearly marked on the Resolve Dropper Post lower tube and varies between 90 and 140 mm. Always follow the minimum insertion depth recommended by your bike frame manufacturer if it is greater than the number marked on your dropper post. Minimum insertion depth varies by travel length and is specified here.
  • The longest travel dropper post that will fit you and your bike can be determined using our dropper post length calculator tool.
  • Spacers can be installed to reduce the travel of the dropper post. 
  • Compatible with any ebike that uses a conventional dropper post mounting and actuating system.


The Story

Wolf Tooth was founded to design and manufacture precision cycling products that emphasize function, performance, and reliability to meet the needs of our fellow racers and riders.

We are a group of cyclists in Minneapolis, Minnesota that spend a lot of time talking about bike components. Like most detail-obsessed riders, we're always looking for new products that could make our bikes lighter, faster, more versatile, or more reliable. We pride ourselves on delivering premium products of the highest quality.

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