Spoon 32 Front 1
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Spank - Spoon 32 27.5" Wheels

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The Spank SPOON 32 is a sturdy all-purpose wheel designed to deliver exceptional strength and stiffness at excellent value. 

  • All-purpose wheel, hand built, 32H J-hook configuration with 3-cross spoke pattern 
  • The corrugated rim centre, a brand-acclaimed technology, makes it more rigid and allows the rim to be wider without adding material 
  • Shot peen finish to increase fatigue life and make it more durable
  • Delivers exceptional strength and stiffness at excellent value
  • Hole count: 32 
  • Inner width (mm): 26.5 
  • Outer width (mm): 32  
  • Profile height (mm): 24 
  • Tyre fit: 1.8" to 2.4"
  • Build: Hand built
  • Hub: Spank SPOON hub with steel freehub and axle
  • Spokes: J-Hook
  • Nipples: Brass external
  • Lacing: 3 cross lacing
  • Valve: A/V Schrader valve
  • Tubeless: No
  • Adaptors included: 12x142mm wheels come with QRx135mm adaptors

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