Stan's Tubeless Kit Mtb
Stan's Tubeless Kit Mtb
Stan's Tubeless Kit Mtb
Stan's Tubeless Kit Mtb
Stan's Tubeless Kit Mtb

Stan's Tubeless Kit Mtb

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This kit includes everything you need to replace the inner tubes in your tubeless ready rims and tires with genuine Stan’s sealant - the original, and still the best tubeless tire sealant. All Mountain Bike Tubeless Kits include 200ml of sealant, 44mm brass valves, and Stan’s Yellow Tape. Kits are offered in different tape widths to fit a variety of rims. If you're unsure whether your rims are tubeless ready, look for graphics that mention it directly on the wheel or contact the manufacturer for details. Do not attempt to use a tubeless system on wheels that are not explicitly tubeless compatible. Why convert to tubeless? Check out our Tubeless Tire Guide here.


We recommend tape that is 1-2mm wider than the internal width of your rim to account for the drop channel. For example, a rim featuring a 28mm internal rim width would require the 30mm kit. We recommend going with the wider option if you rims falls in between sizes.


Our simple tubeless system begins with our Yellow Tape. Unlike some tapes that allow moisture to pass through them and into the rim cavity, creating a mess of glue and liquid that can corrode rims, Stan’s Yellow Tape forms a non-permeable vapor barrier for airtight protection. Our tried-and-true tubeless valves offer simple, tool-free installation, with removable valve cores to allow for easier sealant refreshes. Stan’s sealant stays liquid in your tire, ready to seal a sudden puncture almost instantly, while letting you ride faster, and with more traction and control. Stan’s sealant lets you ride further, faster, and flat-free.

  • Everything you need to quickly and easily complete your conversion to tubeless
  • Stan’s Sealant seals punctures up to 6.5mm (1/4") quickly and offers long-lasting protection
  • 44mm brass valves feature removable valve core for easy sealant refresh and fit most mountain rims
  • Yellow Tape helps seal spoke holes airtight and does not allow liquid to pass, keeping rim interior dry
  • 200ml of sealant provides enough liquid to seal two 29” wheels with larger volume tires.


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