Unior Hacksaw
Unior Hacksaw

Unior Hacksaw

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Tools with verified quality
Unior Hand tools are in compliance with the European and global quality standards. Unior is striving to assure the high quality of hand tools also as a fully authorized CEO (European Tools Committee) member.
Unior was among the first manufacturers of hand tools in Europe to receive ISO 9001 quality certificate. In 1994, the company received ISO 9001 quality certificate for the development, production and marketing of hand tools, sheet metal housing for hand tools and mechanical processing of forging parts.
Unior tools are in compliance with DIN standard. Since 1991, the tools for working at high voltage also proudly hold VDE certificate, issued by VDE Institute- "Pruf und Zertifizierungsinstitut" from Offenbach in Germany.

A hacksaw has a surprising number of uses in a bike shop. Cutting steerers, trimming TT-bar extensions, chopping down mountain bike handlebars, shortening seat posts, taking excess length off a bolt that's just a hair too long, the list goes on.

Our hacksaw uses a standard 12" blade and it comes with one designed for metal cutting. Available separately is a ceramic cutting blade which works really well when cutting carbon fiber as it abrades rather than cuts.

The steel frame of the hacksaw provides for a high blade tension helping to ensure clean, straight cuts.

Product features:

  • Light compact with ergonomically designed handle
  • Frame chrome plated, handle lacquered
  • Two blade position

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