Wera - L-Key Holder
Wera - L-Keys With Thermoplastic Sleeve
The spherical drive profile means that it is possible to swivel the axis of the tool to that of the screw, and therefore enable angled, "around-the-corner" screwdriving jobs.
The size of each L-keys has been engraved by a laser. In addition Take it easy L-keys have a colour coding according to sizes - for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool. Making it easy to find the right tool.
Take it easy tool finder system - with profile and size colour-coding for quick and easy tool selection. Colour-coded system for hexagon  & TORX L Keys

Wera 967/9 TORX XL Multicolour L-key Set

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Wera 967/9 TXORX XL Multicolour L-key Set

Premium L-key set for TORX® socket screws. One arm extra long. Includes some tools with ball head: The ball on the long arm allows safe working even in difficult installation positions. L-keys with plastic sleeve made of circular, easy-grip material. The sleeve makes working comfortable even at low temperatures and is easy on the fingers. "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by size. The BlackLaser surface treatment makes for excellent surface protection, even from corrosion, and for long durability. Lasered and therefore abrasion-proof size marking on the L-key for quick access. In a handy clip made of wear-free material for a permanently secure hold of the L-keys while also being easily accessible.


  • The TORX® ballpoint on the long arm allows offset applications
  • With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size
  • The plastic sleeve ensures that work is pleasant and safe even at low temperatures
  • BlackLaser for high corrosion protection and long service lifeWear-resistant inscription of the sizes of the L-keys contained on the clip


Image 2

950 SPKL HF L-key Multicolour
with holding function

Image 2
Image 2

Image 2

1x    TX 8 x 90 mm
1x    TX 9 x 101 mm
1x    TX 10 x 112 mm

Image 2

967 SPKXL TORX® L-key
Multicolour - long

Image 2
Image 2
Image 2
Image 2
Image 2
Image 2

1x    TX 15 x 123 mm
1x    TX 20 x 137 mm
1x    TX 25 x 154 mm
1x    TX 27 x 172 mm
1x    TX 30 x 195 mm
1x    TX 40 x 224 mm

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