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The precision zone directly above the blade gives the user a better feel for the right rotation angle during fine adjustment work.
The Wera Black Point tip and a refined hardening process ensure long service life of the tip, improved corrosion protection and an exact fit.
The fast-turning zone just below the rotating cap allows rapid twisting.
The Kraftform Micro, with its three zones and their specific arrangement, satisfies these requirements perfectly. The free-turning cap that provides support for the hand works with these advantages, enabling quick and easy precision work.
Multi-component screwdriver handle for ergonomic working.
The power zone has integrated soft zones near the blade tip to ensure high torque transfer for loosening or tightening screws without losing contact with the screw.

Wera TX8 Tamper-proof TORX Screwdriver

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Wera TX8 Tamper-proof TORX Screwdriver

High quality Wera Micro screwdriver for precision mechanical work. Suitable for TORX® BO safety screw connections: TORX® BO screws have a protruding pin in their drive profile. This prevents any unauthorised loosening since the "normal" hex tools cannot move these screws. Only special TORX® BO tools have a bore hole which can slip over the pin. Rapid twisting is possible by fixing the hand on the twist cap and using the fast-turning zone just below it. This makes time-consuming grip adjustments unnecessary. Power zone with integrated soft zones ensure the transfer of higher tightening and loosening torque. Precision zone for the right angle for adjustment work. The Wera Black Point tip offers high corrosion protection and an exact fit. "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding according to profiles and size stamp - for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool.


  • Kraftform Micro screwdriver for recessed TORX® screws with safety pin
  • Multi-component Kraftform Micro handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving
  • The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection
  • For TORX® socket screws with safety pin
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
  • E.g. for electricians, opticians, precision mechanics, jewellers or IT hardware fitters

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